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What is Club Royalion?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022


With the ever-evolving fashion industry, finding affordable and elegant articles of clothing can be a challenge for the majority. With the global adaptation of mass manufacturing, came endless low tier and low quality products that are falsely advertised to its customers. Keeping these flaws in mind, a new brand, planning to make waves in the fashion industry, was born. In early 2022, this brand set foot where no other brand is willing to. This brand is called “Club Royalion”.


Club Royalion is a newly established Canadian brand. It is a hybrid of luxury wear and streetwear. Club Royalion offers elegant designs for its various collections of hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and track pants. Its collections are continuously expanding throughout the year with more unique and desirable, high quality apparel. With a glimpse of Club Royalion products, one would assume that such tailored articles of clothing would be costly, however with a closer look you would be proved wrong. Club Royalion offers apparel that is desired and loved by party animals, casual dressers and for those who just plan to stay warm and comfortable right at home. Club Royalion aims to provide for everyone, irrespective of sex.

Customer Satisfaction

Club Royalion takes extra measures for quality control to ensure that each and every product is up to the high expectations set, as customer satisfaction is top priority at Club Royalion. Furthermore, to commit to high customer satisfaction, Club Royalion ensures the use of premium materials which combine to give a high-end sleek finished product. Club Royalion also rewards its loyal customers or “Club members” with exclusive offers and promotions. The “Club members” will also be the first to hear about new collections and other exciting news Club Royalion has to offer.


In addition to the current collections, Club Royalion aims to introduce and upgrade state of the art clothing products to refine your fashion style. Future collections will include products such as coats, bomber jackets, winter jackets, formal and informal shirts, jeans, shorts, boxers, socks, scarves, caps, shoes, sunglasses, bags and much more. Club Royalion also plans to venture into kids clothing. Our vision is to evolve into a lifestyle brand that every household can relate to.

Club Royalion plans to deliver its special products to special people. Due to its high-end and luxurious styles and designs, along with its affordability and fine quality, it won't be long before every household in North America and eventually the world will show the presence of Club Royalion. Club Royalion aims to fill a vacuum in the fashion industry by providing chic and elegant clothing to every member of society, irrespective of class and background, and it plans to do so with the help of its loyal customers.

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