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Club Royalion offers a wide variety of T-shirts from our signature “Club Royalion Crown'' t-shirts to the standard and simple “Royal tees''. All of Club Royalion t-shirts are composed of 100% cotton as we only promise to deliver high quality and high-end products to our customers. The signature “Club Royalion Crown '' t-shirts consist of the Club Royalion logo which is composed of top of the market vinyl.


All the outlines are printed with a reflective gold vinyl and the head of the crown is printed with various colored vinyl including red, green, blue and purple. This combination along with high quality t-shirts result in a desirable and high-end finish. The standard “Royal tees” are composed of the simple black and white fonts as well as the same reflective gold vinyl which give a classy but relaxed look. Whether you decide to relax at home or head out in the hot or warm weather, Club Royalion t-shirts are certain to provide the coolth and comfort you desire.


Just like all apparel by Club Royalion, the flexibility makes the sky the limit with what can be worn with our t-shirts.

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